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Welcome to the Office of Career Services...entrance

The staff of Career Services is available to assist current students with major selection, career exploration, internships, resume writing, graduate school application, job searching and interviewing skills. The office provides many services and resources to help you evaluate your career options, plan for your future, and achieve success.

The job market is very competitive, as is graduate school admission. There are no guarantees that academic accomplishment alone will be rewarded with an offer of employment or an acceptance letter to graduate school. We encourage students to begin preparing early to actively pursue their career goals.  We encourage you to take advantage of the many services our office offers students during their four years at Rollins.


Career Counseling

You are encouraged to schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor to discuss your individual questions and to map out a plan for your future. You may use this time to explore career interests, examine appropriate graduate school programs, review your resume, prepare for interviews, or discuss other career related issues. To schedule an appointment, call 407.646.2195 or stop by the Career Services Office in the 170 W. Fairbanks building.  Our office hours are 8:30 am - 12:00 noon and 1:00 - 7:00 pm Mondays and Thursdays and 8:30 am - 12:00 noon and 1:00 - 5:00 pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

For quick questions on any career planning topic, please consider stopping in during our open walk-in hours, Monday through Friday from 3:00pm - 5:00pm, when a counselor will be on duty to help answer resume questions, discuss internship opportunities, provide advice for an upcoming interview or help with any other questions you may have.  To be able to serve the greatest number of students during our walk-in hours, we ask that these meetings be kept to fifteen minutes or less.  If you feel you will need more time than that, please consider scheduling a regular appointment with a career counselor instead.


Online Resources

Through the Career Services Web site, you have access to important career information 24 hours a day.  The Career Services site provides up-to-date career information including related career programs and services as well as valuable links to other career resources.  The menu of career resources available to you are listed on the left. 

The Internet is an important tool when trying to conduct a comprehensive search for a full-time or intern position. The number of job listing and career information sites can be overwhelming when conducting your first job search.  We recommend that students take time to review the many sites that are available and identify those that are most consistent with their needs. There are several job search and career/industry research sites available on our Career Resources Online page. 


Career Services Calendar

To stay up-to-date on upcoming programs, job fairs, deadlines, on-campus interviews, workshops and other career related programming, check out the Career Services Calendar.   This is the central place to find information about all the upcoming programs and events sponsored by our office.


Career Quest E-Newsletter

The Career Services staff wants to keep you informed about career programs, employment opportunities, and important dates for graduate admissions testing and related events.  We include all students on our weekly e-mail updates and will send timely announcements to assist you in your career-related endeavors.  The Career Quest e-newsletter is sent on Mondays to students' Rollins e-mail accounts.  Previous editions may be downloaded on the Career Quest E-Newsletter page. 


Career Assessments

The first step in the career search process is being able to articulate specific career goals.  Many students struggle with this step.  Lack of knowledge of ones' interests, skills, or abilities, and the available career options, may lead to frustration and general avoidance of the job search process altogether.  Career Services offers both the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  These inventories are designed to help students assess interests, skills, and personality type and how they match possible careers. Students interested in taking a career assessment should first schedule an appointment with one of the career advisors in the office.  After discussing your particular questions and learning more about where you are in your career exploration, we will be able to determine which assessment is most appropriate at this time, or if perhaps another resource could be more helpful to you.  


Workshops & Programs

Throughout the year, Career Services offers workshops and programs designed to provide practical tips and proven strategies to give you the competitive edge in the job or internship search process.  Regular workshops offered of particular interest to students include: Resume Writing Workshops, Job Searching for Seniors, Internship Information Workshops, and Career Expo seminars. Watch for more information about these and other programs in Career Quest E-Newsletters and on the Career Services Calendar page.


Career Planning Courses

INT 150: Academic and Career Planning  Academic and Career Planning is co-taught with TJ's Academic Resource Center and is designed to guide students through the academic and career exploration and planning processes and to provide the strategies and skills necessary for a lifetime of career-related decision making.  This course is offered during the fall and spring terms each year, and is recommended for second-semester first-year students and sophomores.

BIO 201: Careers in Biology  Careers in Biology is co-taught with faculty from the Biology Department and is designed to provide an avenue for students who have chosen or are considering any of the biological science majors to learn about the diversity of career options available outside of those requiring med school.  While the course is targeted to students in their sophomore year, it is open to all class levels.  

For more information about either of these courses, visit the Career Planning Courses page of this site.


On-Campus Interview Program

Throughout the year, employers representing various businesses, agencies, school systems, and graduate programs visit the Rollins campus to interview seniors and alumni.  The Career Services staff works to ensure a rich diversity of on-campus interview options, however, some organizations do not utilize on-campus interviewing as a method of attracting new employees.  Students are encouraged to broaden their interviewing options by employing additional job search techniques.  Students are advised to begin interviews during the fall months since many employers who recruit during the fall semester may not recruit again in the spring.  To participate in the On-Campus Interview Program you must first register with and create a user profile in the R-CareerLink system.  Notices regarding on-campus interviews will be released to seniors via the Career Quest E-Newsletter, the Career Services Calendar and posted in R-CareerLink.


Rollins Internship Program

Career Services coordinates and administers the Rollins Internship Program in conjunction with the Director of Undergraduate Internships in Academic Affairs.  This program provides students with opportunities to enhance their educational understanding while gaining valuable skills and experience. Internships may be taken for academic credit or just for the practical experience.  Internship opportunities are available locally, nationally and abroad.  For more information about internships at Rollins, visit the Rollins Internship Program page.


Job Listing Service

Career Services receives job vacancies (full-time, part-time, summer, and internships) from many employers in Florida and throughout the U.S.  These opportunities are made available to you throughout the year and are available online in Jobs for Tars. Jobs for Tars may be accessed in R-CareerLink.


Career Resource Library

In addition to job listings, the Career Resource Library includes up-to-date career books, guides and directories.  Regardless of where you are in the career search process - exploring career options, preparing for graduate school or deciding on employment offers - the Career Resource Library is rich in resources.  Books are shelved according to topic and include: career field information, career planning directories, resume and cover letter resources, job search guides, graduate school and financial aid books, job opportunity information, internship listings and geographical business directories.  No appointment is needed to use the self-help Career Resource Library that is open during regular office hours.  

Many of the career exploration books are available for weekly checkout from the office.  An updated listing of current books/resources that are available for checkout may be downloaded (PDF)by clicking the link below. 

Career Research Resources Available for Checkout