Sample Resume, Curriculum Vitae, and Correspondence

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  • View different samples to see different formatting ideas or ways to describe your specific experiences.
  • The samples provide ideas for structuring your own documents for positions in almost any field.


Sample Resumes for Candidates Transitioning from High School

Graduate student applying for internship Sample Resume - Alex
Junior applying for opportunties at Career Expo Sample Resume - Hannah


Sample Resumes for Candidates Minimal Work Experience

Graduate student applying for internship Sample Resume 1 - Lee Junior applying for opportunties at Career Expo Sample Resume 5 - Kimberly D.
Junior applying for internship Sample Resume 2 - Sam Junior applying for music performance position Sample Resume 6 - Justin
Senior applying for elementary teaching position Sample Resume 3 - Daniel Senior applying for event planning position Sample Resume 7 - Cynthia
Senior applying for sales / marketing position Sample Resume 4 - Joseph

Sample Resumes for Candidates with Significant Work Experience

 Alumni applying for sales position Sample Resume 8 - Robert  Current student applying for guest services position Sample Resume 11 - Olivia
 Current student applying for elementary teaching position Sample Resume 9 - Scott  Alumni applying for human resources position Sample Resume 12 - Kevin
 Alumni applying for financial management position Sample Resume 10 - Tyrone



Sample Resumes for Specific Careers

Networking Assistance  Sample Music Performance Resume - Sara
Career Research Request  Sample Teacher Resume - Kimberly Q.



Sample CV's and Resumes for Graduate School

International Relations  Sample CV 1 - Gerry Computer Science  Sample CV 2 - Sarah International Business/MBA  Sample CV 3 - Raymond
Psychology  Sample CV 4 - Jennifer Environmental Studies  Sample CV 5 - Christian  



Sample Cover Letters

Full-time, Event Planning, Public Relations  Cover Letter 1 Full-time, Education, Teaching  Cover Letter 2  
Communication, Non-Profit, Marketing, Community Service  Cover Letter 3 Internship, History, Research  Cover Letter 4  



Sample Reference Lists

References  Reference List 1 References  Reference List 2 References  Reference List 3



Sample Thank You Letters

Thanks for Interview  Thank You Letter 1 Thanks for Informational Interview/Networking  Thank You Letter 2  

Sample Networking/Informational Interview Letters

Networking Assistance  Networking Letter 1 Career Research Request  Networking Letter 2  



Sample Acceptance, Withdrawal and Decline Letters

Accept  Accept Offer Letter Withdraw  Withdraw  
       Application Letter
Decline  Decline Offer Letter

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