How to Earn Academic Credit for Internships

The information on this page should answer most of your general questions about earning academic credit for an internship.  To view the complete policies pertaining to academic internships, please click here. If you have additional questions about academic internships, please make plans to attend an upcoming How to Target the Internship You Want Workshop, stop by the office during our Walk-In Hours, or call the office to schedule an appointment.


How can I earn academic credit for an internship?

Students, who meet the eligibility criteria, can earn academic credit for an internship by enrolling in the academic internship course: INTN (interdisciplinary) or (Major/Minor) 397. This course is offered during both the fall and spring semesters, as well as during a 9-week summer semester.

Students are eligible to participate in the academic internship course for general elective (interdisciplinary) credit if they meet the following criteria:

  • All Students
    • Will not be on academic probation the semester of the internship
    • Will not be on judicial probation the semester of the internship or have been previously dismissed from the residence halls
    • To be eligible to receive credit in the major or minor, academic departments may require additional criteria be met such as class standing or prerequisite courses
  • Additionally Students Enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences and College of Professional Studies must:
    • Have earned at least 30 semester hours
    • Inclusive of this internship, will not have earned more than 12 hours of internship credit, (including internships offered through the Office of International Programs) while at Rollins
  • Additionally Students enrolled in the Hamilton Holt School must:
    • Have earned at least 30 semester hours and have completed at least one semester enrolled in Hamilton Holt
    • Inclusive of this internship, will not have earned more than 8 hours of internship credit, (including internships offered through the Office of International Programs) while at Rollins

**Students may be required to meet additional criteria to receive academic credit in their major or minor, such as class standing ot prerequisite courses. Students should check with their Faculty Advisor (A&S/CPS) or Academic Advisor (Holt) to find out if there are additional criteria to participate in an internship for major/minor credit.



How many credits can I earn for an academic internship?

Students can earn 2, 3, or 4 credits per semester for participating in an academic internship.

Semester Credits   Total Work Hours per Semester

Average Work Hours per Week 
(15 week Fall/Spring Semesters)  

Average Work Hours per Week
(9 week Summer Semester)

4 160 12-15 19-21
3 120 9-11 14-16
2 80 6-8 10-12

**Most departments require students to earn 4-credits in order to receive academic credit in the major/minor. 



How do I register for the Academic Internship Course?

Students can register for the Academic Internship Course by submitting a registration form via FoxLink by the posted deadline for each semester as found on the Career Services calendar. The Academic Internship Registration Form is located in the left-hand column under the appropriate student tab (A&S/CPS Student or Holt Student). Registration for academic internships for each semester will open on the first day of advising as posted on A&S/CPS Academic Calendar. Students must submit a registration form for each semester they would like to receive academic credit for an internship.

Academic Internship Registration via Foxlink

Steps to complete Academic Internship Registration Form via FoxLink:

1. Enter your cell phone number and the number of credits you would like to receive for an internship (2, 3, or 4) and click on the button to "Save Your Changes." Based on this information, Career Services can conduct checks to determine if you are eligible to participate in an academic internship. Students will recieve an e-mail at their Rollins account from Career Services within 5-7 business days of intially saving the registration form letting them know if they are eligible to register for an academic internship course. Students should submit this initial information as soon as they have decided to pursue an internship for the following semester, so there is sufficient time for the eligibility checks to be completed. Students who are not eligible to participate in an academic internship have the option to file an academic appeal if there are extenuating circumstances that neccessitate them receiving academic credit for an internship experience.

2. Once you have secured an internship position, complete the remaining information on the registration form and click the button to "Submit Registration." Students will recieve a confirmation e-mail from Career Services letting them know when their registration has been finalized. Registration information will be sent to Student Records shortly after the registration deadline for each semester and the internship course should appear on students' class schedules by the start of the 3rd week of classes.

3. If you are seeking general elective (interdisciplinary) credit, your faculty advisor (A&S/CPS) or academic advisor (Holt) will receive an e-mail requesting their approval once you have clicked on the "Submit Registration" buttom on the form. 

4. If you are seeking credit in your major/minor, approval e-mails will be sent to both your faculty/academic advisor and your department chair/internship representative. Students are responsible for ensuring that their faculty/academic advisor (and if applicable their dept. chair/internship representative) provide approval by the registration deadline posted for each semester.

5. If you are an International Student studying on an F-1 Visa, you must also submit an International Student Approval Form (Available on the Curricular Practical Training page of the International Student & Scholar Services web site) to the Office of International Students & Scholar Services. This form must be signed by a staff member in Career Services, your internship employer, and your internship instructor from Rollins.



How do I get my internship approved for academic credit if it has not already been pre-approved by the Office of Career Services?

If you found your internship through Jobs for Tars, most likely it has been pre-approved to receive credit from Rollins. Please check the individual listing to see if your internship has been pre-approved.

If you found your internship outside of Jobs for Tars, your internship employer will need to submit a position description to the Office of Career Services so our staff can review it and make sure it meets the Rollins Internship Criteria; and therefore, will provide you with a meaningful exposure to a college-level career field. Please read and follow the steps on the Internship Approval Instructions Handout to assist your employer with completing this step.

Once Career Services, receives the internship position from your employer, it will be reviewed and then both you and your internship contact will receive an e-mail from Career Services letting you know if the position has been approved for academic credit or if we need additional information about the position's daily tasks and anticipated projects.



What are the requirements for the Academic Internship Course?

Students receive academic credit for participating in a pre-approved internship not just for the work you do for your internship employer, but by engaging in reflection about this experience through completing assignments as part of the academic internship course. This course runs concurrently with other fall and spring semester courses. In addition, during the summer, students can enroll in a 9-week academic internship course.

The course has 1 required in-person meeting at the beginning of the semester, a Mandatory Academic Internship Orientation, and after that the course is taught virtually through Blackboard and e-mail correspondence with your Rollins instructor. Dates for the Mandatory Orientation Session(s) each semester can be found on the Career Services Calendar.

For more information about the academic internship course (except for students seeking International Business or Communication Studies credit), please visit the Office of Academic Internships web site where you can view a sample course syllabus.


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