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The staff in the Office of Career Services is always happy to answer questions and meet with students to discuss their career plans.  However, we know that sometimes those questions come to you as the student's academic advisor or mentor.  Please use the information on this page to help facilitate career related discussions with your advisees.


Don't cancel that class!

Career Services staff members are ready and willing to visit your classroom. We are prepared to conduct presentations and discussions on career planning, major selection, self-assessment, internships, the job search, graduate and professional school, and much more. Give us a call if you know you will be out of town or otherwise unable to hold class and we will take care of the rest. With some advance notice, we can even develop a specific program targeted directly to your students focusing on careers in your discipline.  Please call us at 407.646.2195 or e-mail Career Services.



The basic idea behind an internship is to allow students to extend their learning beyond the traditional academic environment and gain practical, college-level career related experience. In addition, internships may give students the following benefits:

  • Earn course credit while exploring potential occupations and clarifying career goals.

  • Develop skills and knowledge that will enhance marketability.

  • Work with professionals and make key contacts in a field of interest.

  • Test and apply academic concepts and theories in a real world setting. 

Internships vary from regular part-time jobs in that an internship must offer, as a primary focus, meaningful exposure to a professional, college-level career field.  Career Services provides many resources to help students select and apply for the best possible internships including a series of internship workshops, over 300 internships pre-approved for academic credit on the Jobs for Tars system in R-CareerLink and Web sites and paid subscriptions to internship postings all over the country and the globe.  


Choosing a Major

For students, this is one of the biggest decisions they will make during college.  The Office of Career Services, the Thomas P. Johnson Student Resource Center and YOU, their faculty advisors can all offer assistance in this area.  In addition to resource books, informational interviews with alumni and one-on-one counseling appointments, Career Services also offers the "What Can I Do With a Major In?" series, which describes potential employers, career fields and internship opportunities for nearly every available major.  Additionally, first and second year students may wish to enroll in INT 150: Academic and Career Planning, a one credit-hour course co-taught by staff from TJ's and Career Services.


Graduate School

Since approximately 30% of Rollins' graduates pursue an advanced degree immediately after graduation, it is likely that you will hear questions about available programs, the admission process, entrance examinations, and more. Career Services has resources to help students identify and evaluate programs that match their interests, write personal statements and prepare for the GRE, GMAT, MCAT and LSAT. We offer practice exams each semester to help students estimate their performance on the real exams. Students are encouraged to schedule a one-on-one career counseling appointment to discuss graduate school plans, critique personal essays and learn more about graduate financial aid options.

Medical School - Please refer students interested in any health sciences field to Dr. Judy Schmalstig , Rollins' Pre-Health  Professions Advisor.

Law School - Please refer students planning to attend law school to Dr. Eric Smaw, Rollins' Pre-Law Advisor.


Job Search

Please don't hesitate to encourage students to visit Career Services!  Helping students through the four phases of career development starts during the first year and often continue well past graduation.  We assist with self-assessment, career exploration, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, job searching, networking and much more.  Your ideas, suggestions and, of course, student referrals are always welcome.  



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