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Career Services staff regularly partner with faculty and other college staff to co-teach courses or serve as guest lecturers career planning topics including self-assessment and interpreting personal inventories, resume writing, professional development, graduate school preparation, internship experience, job search strategies and many more. Below is a short description of career planning courses currently offered.  Interested students should consult the most current course listing for availability and dates/times offered.  


BIO 201 Careers in Biology

Too often students majoring in Biology have no knowledge of the diversity of careers available to them.  The goal of this course is to help students better understand their own personal career goals and how to achieve them.  Biology 201 introduces students to the variety of career opportunities available to Biology majors.  Course topics include internship and research opportunities, graduate school, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, interviewing techniques and career preparation.  Students will investigate possible careers and meet professionals in a variety of biological fields. Prerequisite: BIO 120.

Two credit hours

M 4:30-5:45pm                      Young & Boggs


CLP 102 Career and Life Planning: Making Any Major Marketable

Don’t know exactly what you are going to do with your major/minor after graduation? Unsure how to talk about your curricular and co-curricular activities in professional settings? Team-taught by College faculty and Career Services staff, this course helps you package and market your college experiences into a successful personal brand. Topics include (but are not limited to) graduate school and fellowship personal statements, resumes, cover letters, professional networking, and interviews.  

Two Sections available: Aug. 25 – Oct. 10 (First 7 weeks of term)
Two credit hours
Course ideal suited for Sophomores and Juniors

Section 1 TR 2-3:15pm           Fuse & Larson

Section 2 MW 9:30-10:45am   Waltz & Meehan

RCC 100 BU17:  Rollins College Conference Course - Business Not as Usual:  You Can Make a World of Difference

This course introduces students to the connections and interdependencies of business and society; entrepreneurial thinking and innovation; and career and life planning.   Want to do good in the world and have a meaningful career?  We will spend the semester focusing on this question.  Concepts pertaining to the Triple Bottom Line will be explored, which balances social responsibility, environmental sustainability and economic growth and development with ethical behavior and global citizenship.  We will help connect various domestic and global processes (political, economic, cultural, legal, demographic, geographic and historic) to understand how the business system functions, how business affects you, and how you can affect business.  Dimensions of the Entrepreneurial Orientation and Innovation Orientation will be considered when thinking about and creating solutions to challenges faced by business and society.  Students will focus on self-development, motivational fit, and reflective practice, aligning productive careers with meaningful lives.

Fall 2014 Term
Four credit hours
This course is an RCC and is only for incoming, first-year students.

MWF 9:00 - 9:50 a.m.           Rogers & McInnis-Bowers


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