Explore The Four Year Plan

First Year: Educate

Educate Yourself On Career Success

Start Exploring Online Resources
□ Use Career & Life Planning's Student Website to familiarize yourself with the resources:
 • Research careers
 • Explore student employment
 • find internships or job opportunities
□ Complete FOCUS 2 career assessments to identify careers that fit your interests, skills, and personality
□ Create your profile in Foliotek 

Start a Resume
□ Develop a resume for a summer academic internship or part-time job 
□ Learn to document your work by attending a resume writing workshop 
□ Schedule a resume review with a Peer Writing Consultant in the Tutoring & Writing Center 
□ Submit your resume for review in through our document submission webpage

Attend Career Programs
□ Enroll in a spring semester Career & Life Planning course 
□ Attend workshops or outreach programs to build career-related skills

Stay Informed
□ Join the Career Success Facebook page and follow us on TwitterInstagram, or Pinterest 
□ Read the weekly Career Quest e-newsletter for upcoming workshops and events

Also, Consider:

Getting Involved
□ Build rapport with professors and connecting with faculty advisors or pre-professional programs, such as Pre–Health or Pre–Law programs
□ Talk with people in careers of interest using informational interviewing techniques 
□ Get involved with campus and community organizations to enhance leadership skills

Preparing For the Future
□ Review social networking sites and/or personal web pages for appropriate and professional content
□ Purchase professional business attire for future career events and interviews

Sophomore Year: Explore

Explore Professional Development Opportunities

Use Online Resources
□ Take online career assessments (FOCUS 2)and explore academic majors and careers
□ Use LinkedIn to develop a professional online presence

Build Your Resume
□ Refine and update your resume and cover letter by adding
  • Student employment 
  • Internship or part-time jobs 
  • Volunteer experience 
  • Involvement in student organizations and activities  
  • Leadership skills 
□ Schedule a resume critique with
  • a Peer Writing Consultant in the Tutoring & Writing Center 
  • a Career & Life Planning staff member

□ Conduct informational interviews with Rollins Alumni Network Volunteer, family, and friends
□ Enroll in the Career & Life Planning course 
□ Attend the spring semester Career and Internship Expo 
□ Attend professional development workshops and outreach programs, such as the spring semester Etiquette Dinner

Think About Pursuing an Internship
□ Use Handshake, our new career platform (launching August 2015), to identify and apply for summer internships and opportunities
  • Apply from November through March (refer to deadlines for best results)
□ Talk with your academic advisor about your plans for an internship for academic credit 
  • Register for the internship reflection course during open enrollment a semester in advance
  • Attend a mandatory Internship Orientation to receive credit for an internship experience

Also consider:

□ Documenting your creative work in Foliotek 

Graduate School
□ Talking with an advisor about timing and value of graduate school 
  • Taking a practice exam for the admission test required for your preferred graduate program or professional school
  • Continuing to develop writing skills utilizing the Tutoring & Writing Center 

Activities To Gain Experience
□ Finding opportunities for public speaking and presentations
□ Beginning to build your professional network
□ Seeking out volunteer and leadership opportunities

Third Year: Experience

Experience Possible Future Career Paths

Gain Experience
□ Participate in a summer academic internship 
  • Apply for internships from November through March for best results

Explore Career Options
□ Identify skills needed in various career paths using FOCUS 2 
□ Conduct informational interviews and shadow established professionals
□ Explore alumni career paths, considering a range of professional options

Prepare for Graduate School
□ Attend graduate school programming and learn about the graduate school admission process
  • Prepare for graduate and professional school application
  • Take practice admissions tests
  • Identify potential graduate programs and admission criteria
  • Contact alumni currently enrolled in or have recently graduated from graduate programs of interest
  • Develop an effective graduate school essay
  • Complete required admissions tests

Stay Informed
□ Attend outreach programs designed to help you
  • Write a professional resume 
  • Learn how to interview 
  • Conduct an effective job search 
□ Join & use the Rollins College Alumni Facebook/LinkedIn groups

Prepare For the Job Search
□ Attend the spring semester Career and Internship Expo 
□ Conduct a mock interview to practice your interviewing skills

Also, consider:

Professional Development Opportunities
□ Taking courses to build depth and breadth of knowledge in your field of interest
□ Building relationships with faculty members who may write positive letters of recommendation
□ Researching and connecting with professional organizations within your field
□ Researching and pursuing professional development opportunities including exhibition, publication, or performance
□ Applying for competitive scholarships and programs (such as Fulbright)
□ Conducting research in your field of study

Keeping Records
□ Maintaining a file of your best writing samples

Fourth Year: Enact

Enact to Transition to Professional Life After Rollins

Prepare for the Job Search
□ Take time to create effective resumes and cover letters by tailoring each one to a specific opportunity
□ Utilize R-CareerBlog (through August 3, 2015) and relevant job search engines to identify “good fit” opportunities
□ Research organizations, companies, and prospective employers
□ Practice your interviewing skills by using InterviewStream to conduct a videotaped mock interview through R-CareerLink 

Meet Employers On-Campus
□ Attend "R-Life After Graduation" workshops focused on senior success strategies
□ Learn about career opportunities through employer information sessions 
□ Take advantage of on-campus recruiting opportunities 
□ Attend Career and Internship Expo during the spring semester

Prepare for Graduate School
□ Submit graduate school applications, meeting specific deadlines for each program

Stay Connected
□ Complete your Graduation Outcome Survey 
□ Connect with faculty, alumni, friends, family and Facebook/LinkedIn contacts to grow your professional network
□ Read Career Quest E-newsletter to learn about upcoming events, job postings, employer visits, and On-Campus Recruiting

Also, consider:

□ Refining your professional portfolio, writing portfolio, or artist statement
□ Refining presentation, networking, and interviewing skills
□ Reviewing social networking sites and personal web pages for appropriate and professional content
□ Asking employers, advisors, and professors to serve as references
□ Applying for jobs, Fulbright, grants, or residencies by specified deadlines

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