Resume Format & Style

Your guide to creating the best resume format and style.

Looks matter. While the content of your resume is, of course, extremely important, that content may never be read if the format and style of the resume is displeasing to the eye. A resume must be aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read. Follow the advice below to ensure your resume is looking good.

Do Not Use Templates or "Resume Wizards"

Although it can be tempting to open a pre-formatted document and just quickly type in your information, the people who designed the templates were not necessarily experts in writing resumes. Usually these styles are not a good fit for a college graduate and they are nearly impossible to edit if you do wish to make a change.

Use Standard Font Styles and Sizes

Times New Roman and Arial are traditionally used fonts for resumes: Times New Roman for a printed resume, Arial if sent electronically. Try to stay away from Courier or other fonts that look like a typewriter. With the exception of your name, the entire resume should use the same style and size (10pt, 11pt or 12pt) font.

Emphasize Specific Information

Your resume will be easier to read and more exciting if you consistently emphasize specific information.
You can try Bold, Bottom Border, ALL CAPS, Italics, and • Bullets.
However, you will want to avoid using too many special tricks so that your resume becomes difficult to read.

Make Your Resume One Page

Resumes should be concise, well-organized and easy to navigate. Current business practices dictate that it is inappropriate for recent college graduates to submit a resume over one page.


Instead of stacking your street, city / state / ZIP and phone, put them all on one line that stretches across the page.
See how five lines...

Campus Address  Permanent Address
1000 Holt Avenue - 2587   1234 Any Street
Winter Park, FL  32789   Yourtown, PA  19230
407.646.2195   999.444.2378

...becomes two lines.

Campus Address: 1000 Holt Ave. -2587 • Winter Park, FL 32789 • 407.646.2195 •

Permanent Address: 1234 Any St • Yourtown, PA 19230 • 999.444.2378  •

Sending Your Resume Electronically

Don't forget to save your resume as a PDF to preserve your formatting. Title it appropriately for each company you submit it to. You don’t want to email an attachment to SunTrust Bank named “Resume for Regions.

Printing Your Resume

Use white or ivory-colored resume paper. Never use regular copy/printer paper.

For more formatting tips, download our Resume Writing Guide.

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