Resume, Cover Letter, and Curriculum Vitae Samples

Explore resume samples, curriculum vitae samples, cover letter samples, and other professional correspondence samples.

Click on any of the links below to open sample documents. All files are in Adobe PDF format. View different samples to see different formatting ideas or ways to describe your specific experiences. The samples provide ideas for structuring your own documents for positions in almost any field.

Candidates Transitioning from High School

Sample Resume: Alex
Sample Resume: Hannah

Candidates With Minimal Work Experience

Applying for On-Campus Positions and Internships
On-campus position (R.A.) - Sample Resume: Kimberly D 
Internship (environmental) - Sample Resume: Sam 
Internship (social services) - Sample Resume: Joeseph 
Graduate Counseling Internship - Sample Resume: Lee

Untargeted Resume
Sample Resume: Justin

Graduating Seniors Applying for Entry-Level Positions
Marketing - Sample Resume: Daniel 
Event Planning - Sample Resume: Cynthia

Candidates With Significant Work Experience

One Page:
Sample Resume: Scott 
Sample Resume: Kevin 
Sample Resume: Tyrone 

Two Pages: 
Sample Resume: Olivia 
Sample Resume: Robert 

Sample Resumes for Specific Careers

Sample Music Performance Resume - Sara
Sample Teacher Resume - Kimberly Q.

Sample C.V.s for Graduate School

Please view all these C.V. samples to brainstorm which types of sections and formats might benefit you in crafting your C.V.

Law School - Sample C.V. Gerry
Computer Engineering - Sample C.V. Sarah
Business Administration - Sample C.V. Raymond 
Mental Health Counseling - Sample C.V. Jennifer 
Environmental Studies - Sample C.V. Christian 

Sample Cover Letters

Applying for an Internship
History - Sample Cover Letter: John

Applying for an Entry-Level Position
Event Planning - Sample Cover Letter: Brian
Teaching - Sample Cover Letter: Kim Q
Communications/Marketing - Sample Cover Letter: Stacy

Sample Reference Lists

Reference List 1
Reference List 2
Reference List 3

Sample Thank You Letters

Thank You Letter 1
Thank You Letter 2

Sample Networking/Informational Interview Letters

Networking Letter 1
Networking Letter 2

Sample Acceptance, Withdrawal and Decline Letters

Accept Offer Letter
Decline Offer Letter

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