Resumes & Cover Letters

The ultimate guide to resumes, cover letters, and other profressional correspondence, including samples, formats, and more.


Resumes, cover letters and other professional correspondence are crucial aspects of your job or internship search. A well-written resume or cover letter introduces you to a potential employer and has the possibility to make a great first impression.
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Yes, you need a resume! Resumes are not just for graduating seniors. First-year students, sophomores and juniors need resumes to apply for part-time jobs, graduate school, scholarships and internships.

• Learn more about types of resumes, content, and formatting. 
• View resume samples. 

What is a Curriculum Vitae?
Traditionally, in the U.S., a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an extended resume used when applying to graduate school or for a position within higher education.

• Learn more about Curriculum Vitae.
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Cover Letters

Cover letters are used as a means of introduction. Your cover letter allows you to briefly present yourself as the perfect candidate by highlighting your most impressive and relevant experience.

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Other Types of Professional Correspondence

You want to convey professionalism ANY time you interact with an employer: whether you are thanking them for an interview, accepting (or declining) a job offer, or requesting an informational interview.

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