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The ultimate guide to resumes, cover letters, and other profressional correspondence, including samples, formats, and more.


Resumes, cover letters and other professional correspondence are crucial aspects of your job or internship search. A well-written resume or cover letter introduces you to a potential employer and has the possibility to make a great first impression. Conversely, a poorly-written document may cause you to be summarily dismissed from consideration for a position.

Any form of correspondence also functions as a writing sample. Whether writing a cover letter or a thank you note, your communication abilities are on display. Especially for a position that requires any level of writing ability, your skills will be evaluated based on these notes. Therefore, you should treat each document you send to an employer, be it a resume, cover letter or other correspondence, as a professional piece of work. Each item should be tailored to a specific organization and proofread with great care.

Writing a Resume

Your guide to writing a resume that gets results.
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Resume Format & Style

Create an eye-catching resume with these top resume format and style tips.
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Writing a Cover Letter

How to write the best cover letter possible.
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Explore resume samples, curriculum vitae samples, cover letter samples, and other professional correspondence samples.
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