Student Employment

We are dedicated to continually improving the on-campus student employment program and systems, and to help you throughout your recruitment, selection, and development practices!

Hiring Students

Find information about the procedure for posting student on-campus jobs, forms for hiring and rehiring student employees, and policies regarding student employment.


This section of our website is designed as a resource for Rollins employees who request, hire, and supervise student employees. You will find information about the procedure for posting student on-campus jobs, forms for hiring and rehiring student employees, and policies regarding student employment. We have created helpful checklists in the "Resources" section which will make hiring a student employee on campus even easier. As always, if you have any questions that are not addressed here, feel free to contact our office.

Supervisor Resources

I. Getting Started and Hiring Student Workers

Supervisor Handbook: The Supervisor Handbook serves as an online resource for all student employee supervisors. This resource provides all information a supervisor will need to know in order to successfully manage their student employee(s) Learn More

Application Website User Guide for Supervisors: A How-To guide for posting a student job online, reviewing student applicants, and hiring students. This guide includes screenshots to help supervisors navigate the application portal. Learn More    

Interview Guide: A guide for supervisors preparing to interview student job applicants. This guide provides the steps for conducting successful interviews, possible interview questions, and information about what not to ask in an interview. Learn More

II. Helping Your Student Workers be Successful

Orientation Checklist: A general guide for supervisors to use for new student employee orientation and training. It is beneficial to provide clear expectations early, as the training a student receives on the first day of work will set the tone of the employment experience. Learn More

8 Ways to Best Help Your Student Workers: These tips were put together by Noel-Levitz, Inc. We encourage you to put these best practices to use as they will improve student worker performance, and more importantly help students get the most out of their on-campus job. Learn More

Student Employee Recognition: Student employees at Rollins provide outstanding service to faculty, staff, and visitors each and every day. We've compiled some ideas and resources to help supervisors recognize their student employees for their hard work. Have a look and take a moment to say thanks! Learn More

Termination Procedures: Procedures are outlined for voluntary resignations, as well as involuntary terminations of student employees. Learn More

III. Policies

Safe Working Environment
Sexual Harassment
Nondiscrimination Policy

Student Employee Recognition

Student employees at Rollins provide valuable services that help the College meet its mission. We encourage supervisors and staff to recognize student workers for their outstanding work throughout their employment. Below are some resources and ideas for recognizing student employees for their hard work:
  • Give praise publicly. If a student did something great, share praise in staff meetings involving the student, via a department-wide email, or in other creative ways.
  • Make and frame a certificate of appreciation for your student and hang it in their work station.
  • Post a picture of your student at work, along with kind words of recognition, on your office Facebook page. 
  • Nominate your student employee for the annual Student Employee of the Year competition (nominations accepted each Spring).
  • Collect thank you notes and cards from members of the department and present them to your student employee.
  • Learn More

Celebrate National Student Employee Appreciation Week, April 10-14, 2017

Each year, the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares a week in April to celebrate the many accomplishments made by student employees. During this week, the Student Employment Office encourageS supervisors to say “thank you” for the many contributions student employees bring to the College. This is your chance to honor your student employees! 

The Student Employment Office/CCLP is bringing the following 2017 Student Employee Appreciation Events. Encourage your students to sign up and attend these celebratory events. Supervisors are also invited to attend the Thursday Craft's Luncheon!  We look forward to celebrating with you!

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