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Every wonder how to conduct a job or internship search but don't have the time to visit our office? Well here's your chance to get tips right from your computer. Check out the following videos from Career Spots to assist you in your job and internship search needs. Topics vary from starting the job search to conducting an Interview.

Job Search: Starting Job Search

Advice from Graduates : Hear what these grads wish they knew BEFORE they graduated. Young professionals share "insider" knowledge on the job hunt. 

Career Center Benefits : Career centers get you prepared and make your job search HUM. Meet counselors who make it THEIR JOB to help you find your BEST JOB. 

How Do You Get THAT Job? : Everyone wishes they had a dream job, but how do you actually get it? Tim Forneris shows you how he landed TWO! 

Who Am I : Can you answer the question "Who AM I?" Learn why it's important to know how to handle this question. 

Job Search: Social Media & Job Search

Google Yourself : Your internet presence can impact an employer’s decision to hire you. Know why it matters if they search for you online.   

Perils of Social Networking : More recruiters than ever are relying on the Internet to get the real scoop on job candidates. Know how to protect your cyberspace reputation. 

Tweet For The Job : Ten minutes… find out what difference that can make with a Twitter ritual to boost your job search. 

Twitter: Thought Leader:
 Make your voice heard in an industry or on a specific topic. Stand out from the crowd, by positively contributing to the discussion. 

Why Be LinkedIn:
 In today's social media world, learn how LinkedIn can offer you a critical tool for your job search. 

Job Search: Salary & Negotiation

Juggling Job Offers : Receiving multiple offers can be a tricky situation. Know how to respond to benefit you and the companies. 

Negotiating an Offer : Brokering your best deal starts with your first job and goes well beyond salary. Find out what to keep in mind during the discussion. 

Talk Salary When : When should you talk pay during a first or second interview? Find out how to discuss this often difficult topic so you don’t make a mistake. 

The Salary Question : How do you earn what you’re worth? Know what to say and how to be prepared to earn the best salary possible. 

Job Search: Resumes & Cover Letters

Email Etiquette : Friends understand text and email slang, but potential employers won't. Follow these tips for professional written exchanges. 

Keyword Search Matters : Companies use keywords to weed out resumes. Learn how to beat the odds, so your resume moves ahead. 

Make Your Resume POP : You have 15 seconds to make a great first impression. Make those seconds count by knowing what to write on your resume! 

Stand Out Resumes : 10 seconds… that's all you may get to make an impression on an employer. Know how to craft your resume to stand out. 

The Cover Letter :  Cover letters can be frustrating and even overwhelming to come up with on your own. Learn how to go write a solid cover letter so you stand out and impress recruiters.

Job Search: Networking & Your Personal Brand

Build Your Network : Technology’s great, but face-to-face can make all the difference in finding the job you want. 

Importance of Networking : What does 'networking' really mean, and how do you use it to your advantage? Experts reveal how to make the most of YOUR network to land the job that you want. 

The Elevator Pitch : In 15 seconds or less… can you clearly, confidently and concisely convince a CEO to hire you? Learn how to perfect your pitch.  

Your INFOmercial : You have seconds to deliver your "elevator pitch" effectively in order impress an employer. Know what to say to land an interview.

Job Search: Interview – During

Behavioral Interviewing : A growing number of employers are relying on this technique to screen job candidates. 

Interview the Interviewer :  It's your turn to ask the tough questions. Know how to put the interviewer "in the hot seat." 

Online Video Interviews : Job candidates are being called up increasingly to interview online. 

The Interview : The resume gets you in the door; the interview gets you the job! Hear firsthand what to say, what NOT to say, and how to best present yourself. 

Top 10 Interview Mistakes : The job interview is the best opportunity to make an impression on an employer and land the job. Know what major mistakes to avoid.

Job Search: Interview- Before

7 Tips for Researching Companies : Here is what you need to know to most thoroughly research companies BEFORE you interview.  

First Impressions : Distinguish yourself from the instant you meet someone, by talking to your strengths and being aware of non-verbal interactions. 

Informational Interviews : What are informational interviews and why do them? Learn from the experts what to say, what NOT to say, and why these interviews provide great training and more.  

Interview Research : Don’t underestimate the importance of knowing about a company BEFORE you interview. Set yourself apart by learning the ins and outs in advance. 

Mock Interview : The more you practice interviewing, the better you'll be when it comes time for a real interview when you are trying to land a job or an internship/co-op. 

What Recruiters Look For : How do you set yourself apart in the eyes of a recruiter? Get the scoop on how to get ahead. 

Job Search: Interview – AFTER

Art of Saying THANK YOU : Two simple words that can make the ultimate difference in winning the job offer. Do you know when and what to say with style? 

Follow Up with Employer : When do you call a potential employer? Do you email or send a letter? Find out what some of the nation’s leading recruiters advise and learn what steps to take and when. 

Interview Follow Up : Improve your chances of landing the job. Know what steps to take AFTER the interview. 

Job Search: Interview – Dress

Interview Dress for Men : Hear from an expert why it matters what you wear. See what works and what doesn’t when a top retailer shows young men how to dress for success. 

Interview Dress for Women : Appearance can make or break your job search. Fashion experts show the pitfalls and advise young women on what to wear. 

Internships/Co-ops: Your Search

Be OPEN to Opportunities : Being flexible can help you land an internship/co-op. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one career aspiration. Recruiters and young professionals offer tips on how to be open to opportunities. 

Make Career Fairs Count : Make a stellar first impression with these tips! Visiting a career fair can sometimes be overwhelming! Learn from recruiters how to make the most of your time there. 

Network Now-Pays Off Later :  It’s all about WHO you know! Networking is one of the most important things to do when looking for an internship/co-op! Learn the latest tips.

Internships/Co-ops: Your Preparation

Be SMART on Social Media : What you post on social media could potentially hurt your chance of landing an internship/co-op. Learn what recruiters are saying about keeping your social media pages appropriate! 

Do Your Homework! : Do you know the specifics to look for when researching a company? Research is critical before any interview! Recruiters share what information you need to know before you go. 

TAILOR Resumes and Cover Letters : They are one of the key selling points to a recruiter! You only have seconds to stand out to a recruiter! Make sure your resume and cover letter make a lasting impression. 

Internships/Co-ops: Your Interview

Confidence is KEY :  Learn how to be on the top of your game during an interview. Feeling a little nervous before your interview? Recruiters and young professionals share what a difference confidence can make during an interview.  

Every Interaction is An Interview : Know these tips to ensure you make the right impression. Your internship interview is just the beginning. Learn how to impress so you are invited back! 

Interview the Company
: Remember an interview is a two-way street! Don’t be afraid to ask employers the tough questions and hear what they are looking for.

Internships/Co-ops: Your Internship/Co-op 

Convert Your Internship/Co-op into a Job: Learn how to turn your internship/co-op into a full-time offer. This is the start of your career! Hear how young professionals turned their internships/co-ops into offers.

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