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At Rollins, you’ll find it easy to connect to people who share your interests. With over 140 different student organizations including varsity and intramural sports, multicultural organizations, and community engagement programs, a Rollins Education will expand your world and your talents.

Whether you’re a performer or an audience member, Rollins is a center for the arts, with the Annie Russell Theater, Tiedtke Concert Hall, and the Cornell Art Museum right on campus.

"It's Fox Day!"

Fox Day, Rollins CollegeIn the spring, every student longs to hear those three words. They signal an excuse to go to the beach instead of classes. And when the president places the beloved statue on Mills Lawn, you’re sure to hear shouts of “It’s Fox Day!” Typically, the first shouts occur at around four o’clock in the morning, as students begin running down the hallways of their dorms. Exclamations continue throughout the day, but generally change to “Happy Fox Day!”

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In Her Words

Lucy DiBrigida, Class of 2010"With my graduation rapidly approaching, I find myself trying to do EVERYTHING possible so that I won’t look back and regret the things I never got to experience in college. Rollins provides so many opportunities that it can be overwhelming to try and do it all. As much as I would love to tell you about every organization at Rollins and every event in the Orlando community, I could never be able to do everything unless there were at least 50 hours in a day. However, I CAN tell you about some of the great things I have been a part of in the Rollins and general Orlando community."

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