Rollins Offers Free Courses and Other Benefits For Life

“The things you learn today may not have the same relevance in five years. Having the ability to come back and refresh, especially in areas in which your work or your profession is concentrated, is invaluable for continuing to grow as a business professional.”
— Dina Baker, MBA '10

Earning a graduate business degree at Rollins College is an enriching experience that lasts well beyond your graduation date. Rollins alumni have access to events, networking opportunities, and free classes and career services for life.

Free Courses
Rollins alumni can continue their education for years to come. Classes are open to alumni of the Crummer Graduate School of Business are based on seating availability and prior instructor approval. There is no charge for tuition if you choose not to receive credit for the class, but there may be costs associated with books and fees. Not only does this benefit our alumni, this benefits organizations who employ them.

Career Development Services
The Rollins Career Development Center is committed to supporting our students and alumni throughout their professional careers, from orientation to retirement. Our career coaches help our students not only find the best jobs, but to develop satisfying and sustainable careers. Services include career strategy development, career assessment, resume guidance, interview practice, and access to networks of business leaders across the globe.

A comprehensive suite of services, comparable to those provided through the Rollins Career Development Center, often run $5,900 or more (based on a three-month projection from sources such as outplacement firms, career coaching firms, online services and assessment providers). However, we provide these services to our students and alumni at no charge, and some of the services that our students receive are not available anywhere but Rollins.

Alumni Events & Networking
The Rollins Office of Alumni Relations hosts a series of events each year and maintains a dedicated alumni networking database, as well as social media groups to help alumni stay in touch.