First-year Leadership students are acknowledged for their contributions to Crummer and the community through a Leadership Recognition certificate. Second-year students are honored for their continued outstanding leadership achievements through competition for the prestigious SunTrust Distinguished Leader of Merit award. All Leadership students are acknowledged at commencement.

Recognition of Leadership Certificate

Criteria for certificate:
  • Completion of fundamental leadership style and behavioral assessments
  • Required leadership course(s)
  • Approved seminars, workshops and classroom curriculum
  • Active participation in community, organization and other association experiences

SunTrust Distinguished Leader of Merit
The SunTrust Distinguished Leader of Merit award is the top honor given to the Leadership Center’s  second-year MBA student who best exemplifies the qualities of ethical, responsible and thoughtful leadership, and who has applied these characteristics and practices at the school and in the community. Supported by the generosity of SunTrust Bank, this recognition is considered to be among the most prestigious awards given by the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Criteria for award:

  • Certificate in Leadership
  • Advanced leadership training
  • Leadership Development Portfolio documenting goals, evidence of achievement, reflections of the Crummer experience relative to leadership, personal demonstrations of leadership activities, academic/professional references and acknowledgements
  • Oral presentation of Leadership Development Portfolio
  • Competitive selection by Leadership Committee