Leadership Events

To participate in the Center for Leadership Development’s (CLD) events below, you must be enrolled in the Rollins EAMBA program.  All EAMBA students have access to the leadership development program and may participate in any of the events and activities. All events are advertised on the Leadership Center’s calendar (posted each term), and students can sign up at the requested time. Students who want to be recognized at graduation must complete the requirements of the Leadership Road Map for their class for the first and/or second years. The events listed reflect the requirements on the Leadership Road Map. To get credit for requirements on the Road Map, students must sign-in at every event sponsored by the CLD  or provide other documentation designated by the  CLD.

Students who want to attend events that are sponsored by the CLD and that are held on campus require must RSVP 48-hours in advance using the registration form on our events calendar unless otherwise noted. For CLD events held off-campus, the RSVP timeframe will be stated for the specific event in the Crummer Monthly Newsletter. Please note: Activities are subject to change.

Bagels With the Board — An opportunity for Crummer MBA Leadership students in the Early Advantage Program to meet and interact with members of the various Boards that support and advise the Rollins graduate business school.  The purpose and structure of these sessions is to afford Leadership students, many with limited work experience, opportunities to network with community leaders while simultaneously learning about their insights and philosophies of leadership. This opportunity is open to all to all EAMBA students. 

Leadership Book Club — Leadership students select books by noted business professionals to discuss. Depending on the subject of the book, the discussion can address the impact of leadership in an industry or specific company, business practices, or the leadership style of the author.  Leadership students read a designated book and have a self-directed discussion of the leadership lessons learned. This activity is generally held during the lunch break.  

Leadership in Action Series, sponsored in part by SunTrust Bank, Inc. — Opportunities for Leadership students to participate in diverse and exciting leadership development situations.  Each semester a variety of leadership challenges are offered including ropes, military and management simulations, and behind the scene tours of world-class companies and model organizations. The CLD partners with organizations, such as, the Disney Institute, Canterbury Retreat, and local community organizations to expose students to various leadership development models. Due to the diversity of the experiences, some activities are held off-campus for a half or whole day on a Saturday. Details for the featured event will be communicated in the Crummer Monthly.

Leadership Student Advisory Board Member — Leadership students act as a liaison between the Leadership students and CLD staff.  Students who serve on this Board will assist with providing ideas for programming and feedback from the Leadership students. Students serve for one year renewable term. Click here for more information on the requirements for this position.

Leadership Coaching — Leadership students have the opportunity to be coached by business professionals in a confidential setting.  Students are required to complete the MBTI and Birkman assessments, and a Leadership Development Plan, which coaches use to assist students in actualizing their desired leadership goals. This opportunity is open to all second-year Leadership students in their second-year and all first-year Leadership students in the second semester. This opportunity is offered to EAMBA students and PMBA students who enroll in the MGT 617 (Applied Leadership class).  Details of how to sign up are communicated to students at the appropriate enrollment time.

Leaders on Leadership — Lectures conducted by recognized leaders from a variety of industries.  

Bright House Lunch & Learn Series, Sponsored by BrightHouse Networks — Workshops facilitated by experienced professionals from diverse industries or second-year MBA Leadership students. At the end of the workshop, leadership students discuss what they learned and how they can apply it to their own leadership development.

MBA Nonprofit Board of Directors, co-sponsored with the Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center — Serve on the board of directors of a Central Florida nonprofit organization during their time in the EAMBA program.  Students will enhance their learning through the experience of providing community service at a decision-making level, serving with distinguished community leaders and business professionals, in this unique and selective experiences.  Students will participate in such activities as program development, budget approval, strategic planning and investment overview. This opportunity is only open to first-year EAMBA students enrolled in the fall term due to the 18-month commitment requirement. 

Other Leadership Events — Attendance at any event where the speaker focuses on leadership in profit and/or nonprofit organizations. Completion of the CLD's "Other Leadership Event" verifcation form is required or proof of attendance (e.g., program/agenda, registration form, or parking validation with event title).