Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship located?

A: On the 3rd floor of the Bush Executive Center/Crummer Hall in Room 316.

Q: How can I benefit from the CFAE as a Rollins student? 

A: The CFAE offers several events and programs for Rollins students, many of which are in conjunction with C.E.O. (Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization) including speaking events with successful entrepreneurs, the Venture Challenge Competition and business plan workshops. In addition, the CFAE will extend its full support and resources to help any Rollins student or alumnus with the development and growth of their venture. We also have a resource library consisting of several outstanding, entrepreneurially related books that are available for reference.

Q: How can I benefit from the CFAE as a second-stage entrepreneur?

A:  The CFAE offers many events and networking opportunities for advanced stage entrepreneurs.  The Rollins Business Accelerator is a graduate certificate program which provides selected second-stage entrepreneurs the opportunity to unleash the growth potential of their business.  CEO Nexus is a network of advanced entrepreneurs that aims to provide an integrated support and social system to advanced (growth, expansion and mature stage) entrepreneurs in the community with a focus on peer-to-peer and informal networking.  Peerspectives Roundtables brings together leaders of established second‐stage businesses in a confidential setting for collaborative sessions that address important business issues.  MBA students are also available to serve in consulting groups and internships for entrepreneurial companies. To find more ways to benefit from the CFAE, visit the Entrepreneurs section of the website.

Q: How can I get involved as an entrepreneur?

A: Partnering with advanced entrepreneurs is vital to the success of the CFAE’s mission. Entrepreneurs can become involved by speaking to groups of students, becoming a mentor or by allowing students to shadow, consult or intern with their business.

Q: Can the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship help me start my business?

 A: The CFAE exists to serve students, alumni and entrepreneurs in the growth stage of their venture.  We will gladly assist start‐up companies by directing them to resources within the local community that best address their specific needs.