Message from the Director

Entrepreneurship is alive here at the Crummer Graduate School of Business. It’s alive with our students and alumni, and it’s alive in our community. The entrepreneurial studies program prepares students for advanced entrepreneurship — a way of thinking and acting that is opportunity-focused, innovative and growth-oriented. Advanced entrepreneurs possess the passion, confidence and risk-taking ability to push their ventures to higher levels of success. At the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship we work hard every day to prepare our students for such advanced entrepreneurial thought and action. That preparation includes unprecedented access to our extensive network of advanced entrepreneurs, creating a real-world learning experience that is unparalleled.

Advanced students + advanced entrepreneurs = advanced action learning. That is our equation for success. If you’re interested in joining our drive toward advanced entrepreneurship, please contact me at 407-691-1125 or

Cari H. Coats
Executive Director
Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship

cari coats