Mentors Can Make the Difference

The mission of the Crummer School of Business Mentor Program is to foster relationships between alumni and current students and to compliment the academic curriculum with exposure to real-world business environment. This program allows students to explore different industries, review career paths, and adjust personal goals. Mentors experience the exhilarating feeling of helping someone and giving back to their alma mater.

The Crummer School Mentor Program matches current students with experienced professionals for guidance and support. Students are paired with a business executive whose expertise closely matches their area of interest. Students enrolled in the Early Advantage (two-year) MBA program are eligible to participate. Mentors provide the link between academic theories and the realities of the business world. We recruit mentors year-round, and programs begin in September and January annually. Volunteers serve one-year or two-year terms, depending on the program in which the student is enrolled.

Mentor Program Guidelines

• Attend Mentor Program Opening Reception
• Attend Crummer School alumni events and community events with your mentor/student
• Communicate with your mentor/student at least once a month, preferably in person
• Provide feedback on progress of relationship with your mentor/student by responding to periodic e-mail evaluations of the Mentor Program
• Explore shared interests

Roles and Responsibilities in Mentoring Relationships
Understanding what is expected of the mentor/student will lay the foundation for a successful relationship. Remember that a mentoring relationship should be mutually beneficial.

Become a mentor -- Volunteer application
• Provide guidance based on past business experiences
• Expand the student’s knowledge of your industry
• Share stories of past successes and failures
• Assist the student in career selection and with job search techniques
• Introduce the student to your network of business associates
• Provide opportunities for job shadowing
• Offer constructive criticism in a supportive way
• Communicate on a regular basis

Apply to mentor program -- Student application will be available shortly
• Initiate the relationship by contacting your assigned mentor
• Convey your expectations of the relationship
• Set objectives for each meeting with your mentor
• Establish open communication with your mentor
• Be flexible to accommodate your mentor’s schedule
• Communicate on a regular basis

The Mentoring Relationship
The Mentor Program provides both the mentor and the student opportunities to develop lasting relationships from which both can benefit. Ideally, relationships extend beyond professional aspirations and develop into long-term personal friendships. Mentors provide students experiences in developing both professional and social relationships. This is accomplished through monthly interactions and events sponsored by the Crummer School.

For more information on the Mentor Program please contact:
Dawn Nagy
Director of Alumni Relations
Crummer Graduate School of Business
Rollins College
1000 Holt Avenue, Box 2722
Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone: 407-628-6347
Fax: 407-646-2497