Kathryn H. Hickman

Kathryn Hickman
Adjunct Professor and Assistant Lab Manager
Department of Biology

B.A. Rollins College 1980
Ph.D. Emory University 1987

Office:  Bush Science Center, room 187
Phone: 407-646-2427
E-Mail: khickman@rollins.edu

Courses Taught:
  • Biological Aspects of Nutrition
  • Human Anatomy

Professional Interests:

My Ph.D. is in the areas of molecular and developmental biology and my research involved the isolation and characterization of muscle protein genes and their transcripts. I first came to Rollins as a student in 1976 and returned as a Visiting Assistant Professor in 1989. I have taught here since then. Because of the broad biology background I attained as an undergraduate student at Rollins and because of the diversity of courses that I have taught over the years, I have evolved into a “General Biologist” and enjoy teaching a wide range of biology courses. I particularly enjoy the challenge of trying to communicate an understanding and appreciation of science to non-science majors.

Personal Interests:

In my spare time, I play the piano as much as possible, enjoy painting portraits, gardening, and am intrigued by the journals of early explorers and adventurers, like Bartram, Louis and Clark, Cortez, Shackleton and the like. I love to get out into the woods and am an avid bird watcher. My family and I spend as many vacations as possible in our beautiful National Parks.