Botanical Services

One of the services offered through the Greenhouse is providing plant material for lab experiments or to augment class lectures and discussions in classes such as medicinal botany, genetics, biology, and field botany. The Greenhouse also provides assistance with ongoing research in areas such as the digestive enzymes in Nepenthes ventricosa and the analysis of sun-tracking abilities in certain legume species. In order to accomplish these tasks, the botanical collection at the Greenhouse consists of representatives from many different plant families.

lab plants

Here is a partial list of classes the Greenhouse assists with in the Departments of Biology and Environmental Studies, as well as The Rollins Plan:

  • BIO 105 - Ecology of Environmental Issues
  • BIO 113 - Plants and Humanity
  • BIO 120 - General Biology I
  • BIO 121 - General Biology II
  • BIO 311 - Plant Physiology
  • BIO 325 - Medicinal Botany
  • BIO 330 - Field Botany and Florida Ecosystems
  • ENV 220 - Field Botany
  • RPG 140 - Wild Florida
  • RPG 240 - Environmental Biology

There are many opportunities to do original research while you are a student in Biology at Rollins. In addition to smaller research projects within courses, many of our students participate in the Rollins Summer Research Program, spending six to eight weeks on campus working under a sponsoring faculty member. Students also have the option of doing a year-long senior research project as part of their degree program.

Judy Schmalstig, Ph.D.
Paul Stephenson, Ph.D.

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