The Rollins Plan Spring Courses Begin

The Rollins Plan: A Big Idea

Last fall, members of the Class of 2013 were invited to apply for The Rollins Plan, the College’s pioneering faculty-driven renewal of the general education curriculum.  Rollins Plan

The Rollins Plan is a series of seven courses built around a “big idea,” and is an alternative method for satisfying general education requirements. The Rollins Plan follows the tradition of curricular innovation that the College has been recognized for throughout its 124-year history. The goal of the Rollins Plan is to teach students to think critically, problem-solve, and learn how to integrate learning experiences from across disciplines. Rollins Plan courses will engage students in applied learning both in and outside of the classroom as well as empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to address the greatest issues facing the world today.

Ninety first-year students were accepted into the Rollins Plan pilot and are beginning their spring courses in either of the two RP curricula Global Challenges: Florida and Beyond, or Revolution. Courses include: Green Art in the Community, Visions of Paradise, Global Competition American Dream and Revolution: Violent & Non-Violent.

During the fall semester, Rollins Plan faculty developers met on a regular basis to focus on implementation including course assignments, assessment, and innovative teaching strategies.  Faculty and staff have also met regularly to identify unique opportunities to integrate co-curricular activities so that students engage in integrated learning experiences both in and outside the classroom.

Last November, the Rollins Plan implementation team invited Peggy Maki, Ph.D., an international expert on assessing learning in higher education, to campus to work with faculty and staff.  According to Maki, Rollins is setting the national standard for curricular reform by infusing cutting-edge integrative and seamless learning experiences based on student learning outcomes. Maki plans to feature the Rollins pilot as a case study in a book she is currently writing about higher education curriculum reform and assessment. Maki will continue to serve as an external consultant for the Rollins Plan and will work with Arts & Sciences throughout the pilot phase. 

For more information on the Rollins Plan, visit the Rollins Plan website.