A Celebration of Faculty Scholars

A Celebration of Faculty Scholars

Debra Wellman, interim dean of the faculty and associate professor of education, along with Laurie Joyner, interim provost and professor of sociology, hosted and An Afternoon Celebrating Faculty Scholars on Friday, November 19, 2010. Since the program’s inception in 2008, 30 books from 29 faculty authors have been honored. This year, Wellman continued the tradition, extending the invitation to faculty members of the Crummer School of Business as well. 

Arts and Sciences faculty book authors, co-authors and editors included: Daniel Chong, department of political sciences; Henrique Correa, professor of operations and supply chain management at Crummer School of Business; co-authors Rosana Diaz-Zambrana and Patricia Tomé, department of modern languages; Creston Davis, department of philosophy and religion; and Carol Frost, department of English.

Over the years, the program has also celebrated more than 50 faculty members who have published over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles or the creative equivalents.  Between the dates of May and November 2010, 32 faculty members published peer-reviewed articles or the creative equivalent.

When asked about the celebration, Wellman stated, “This is an opportunity for us to celebrate and recognize faculty members who successfully incorporate research interests into their courses, honoring the importance of student-centered learning at Rollins. Publications add to the disciplinary knowledge, fortify our community of learners and uphold the dedication Rollins has for educational success.  It is our opportunity to thank and honor our peers on their exceptional accomplishments, furthering Rollins’ reputation for academic distinction.”

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