Lucy Cross Center for Women and Their Allies

Rolllins Welcomes Lucy Cross Center for Women and their Allies

On Thursday, October 14, Rollins celebrated the creation of the Lucy Cross Center for Women and Their Allies. More than 100 people stopped by Chase Hall to partake in the opening gathering and discuss contemporary issues.

The creation of the Lucy Cross Center for Women and Their Allies was the result of the collaborative efforts of the Women’s Studies Program, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Dean of Student Affairs.

“The Center is a safe inclusive space for students, faculty, and staff to discuss any kind of gender issue,” said Sunshine Schulenberg, graduate assistant for Women’s Studies and the Lucy Cross Center. “We work closely with Voices for Women as well as sororities and fraternities.” 

Two years ago Schulenberg conducted a study that found that 62 percent of colleges throughout the country similar to Rollins had a women’s center and 87 percent had a Women’s Studies major. This finding was further motivation to establish the Lucy Cross Center at Rollins after at least a dozen years of effort.

The center is named after Lucy Anne Cross, who was born in Philadelphia in 1839 and moved to Daytona, FL in 1880. She saw the need for a college in Florida and is quoted for saying, “My desire is to found a college through and complete in its courses of study and illustrate by practice the doctrine of 'the Education of the South at the South.’” Cross was named the “Mother of Rollins” when it opened in 1885; at the time it was only the second co-educational college in the U.S.


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