Global Citizenship & Responsible Leadership

Global Citizenship and Responsible Leadership Put into Action Through Upcoming Immersion Programs


The front page of the Rollins website features a large photo of a young man with his arms out overlooking a historical monument with the caption, "Connect to people and ideas that open your world."  Rollins' Offices of Community Engagement and Student Involvement and Leadership offer students the opportunity to do just that through their upcoming immersion trips.  

The immersions span a week or a weekend, depending on the program, and expose students to issues facing the community through total cultural immersions focused on community service and engagement.  The immersions, which are based on the Rollins mission in educating students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, are a great chance for students to educate themselves about the issues facing communities in the 21st century.  The goal of the immersions is to take action against critical, cultural, social, political and structural conflicts surrounding us.  

"The Immersion Program looks to remove students from their comfort zones and expose them to real-world issues that cause them to think and explore the issues of both their local community and their nation. From my experience, the immersions have released me from my ignorance and delivered me to my passions," said Lucas Hernandez (Class of 2013).

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