Rollins in Shanghai Program

Rollins in Shanghai Program Underway

In today’s increasingly globalized world, an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and language, political trends, Shanghaieconomic policies and business practices have become an essential prerequisite for success in tomorrow’s global political economy. China and India alone account for over two billion people, or about one third of the world’s population. “Global citizenship without Asia is impossible,” said Ilan Alon, director of the Rollins College China Center.

The China Center’s long-standing mission is to establish Rollins College as a leader in global education.  As a part of that mission, the Center has facilitated cross-cultural learning and teaching in or about China and launched a multitude of Chinese-focused initiatives at Rollins including curriculum, conferences, extensive research, and abroad experiences.

“No study of China would be complete without the opportunity to spend extensive amounts of time living there and immersing in its culture,” said Professor of International Business and Political Science Thomas D. Lairson, who is not only the brainchild of the annual Rollins in Shanghai program but also the driving force behind its constant expansion. The program is among Rollins’ signature international programs, providing students with an opportunity to learn both in and out of class about China’s diverse cultural and physical climate.  

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