Rollins Hosts Agricultural History Conference

The Agriculture History Society Holds Conference at Rollins

 The Agriculture History Society is hosting their 2010 annual conference on Rollins' campus June 10-12. Ag. History Society This year's theme is "Local Stories, Global Connections:  The Context of Agriculture and Rural Life." Agriculture and rural life are tied to specific places, but those places are in turn bound to larger communities, often with global connections. The conference will address the particular ways in which people and places have shaped agriculture and rural living in their local communities as well as how rural ecosystems, production, processing, and consumption tie farmers and rural people to distant people, places, and institutions.
Conference attendees are coming from as far away as South Africa, the Netherlands, Canada, Great Britain, and Spain, as well as from across the United States.   Close to 50 graduate students are participating in the program, which also includes luminaries such as Joan Jensen, emerita professor at the University of New Mexico, and Pete Daniel former curator at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. During the conference, Jensen will be discussing research that has been conducted in the Rollins archives.
For more information, visit the Agricultural History Society conference website