Living the Mission: Dean of the Faculty Profile

Living the Rollins Mission Laurie M. Joyner, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty

For Dean of the Faculty Laurie Joyner, being a part of the Central Florida community means much more than just living here with her husband and their young family. In just three years, she has spread her philosophy of engagement well beyond the borders of the Rollins College campus.

“Throughout my academic career, a consistent priority has been to link the resources of the academy to the community in ways that deepen student learning while addressing pressing social issues,” she said.

As a volunteer with the Heart of Florida United Way, Joyner has chaired the “Building Safe Communities” Cabinet since its inception in 2008. Putting her degree in sociology to good use, she is helping non-profits become more accountable by implementing research-based programs to address root causes of social problems.

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