Rollins Students Present at National IMPACT Conference

Rollins Students Make an IMPACT

Five Rollins JUMP (Join Us in Making Progress) committee members, Katie Powell (class of 2011), Lindsay Clark (class of 2011), Samantha Schwartz (class of 2013), Cody Feder (class of 2013), and Allison Arof (class of 2010), Rollins JUMP at Clinton Libraryalong with Meredith Hein, assistant director of the Office of Community Engagement, recently attended the 26th annual IMPACT—National Student Conference on Service, Advocacy and Social Action meeting held in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This year, the IMPACT conference brought more than 1,000 college students and administrators from across the country together to discuss and learn more about issues of service learning and social justice.

Conference attendees were given the chance to choose from more than seventy workshops and open sessions ranging from topics such as “Putting Ideas into Action” to “Service Learning in Higher Education: Interdisciplinary models, Liability Issues and Scholarly Engagement” to “Student-led Initiatives: How Ordinary Students Can Make Extraordinary Differences.”   The Rollins team was chosen to lead a workshop on “Immerse Yourself…A Guide to Engaged Learning through the Lens of Immersion Experiences.”  The conference planners also hosted an Opportunities Fair in which students were able to meet and discuss opportunities in the non-profit sector including internships, jobs, international experiences, as well as graduate programs.

Rollins students at IMPACT conferenceThe Rollins JUMP team took away many benefits from their conference experiences. “The IMPACT conference allowed us to network with other schools and create working partnerships by learning about programs, best practices, and initiatives taking place across the country” said Katie Powell.  She added, “Attending the conference was an effective way for students to learn from each other and develop leadership skills that in turn will help us create more positive and successful leadership opportunities on our college campuses.”

---Katie Powell (class of 2011)