Rollins Student Team Reaches Top 10 of CME Challenge

Rollins Student Team Reaches Top 10 of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Commodities Trading Challenge

For a remarkable third time in five years, a Rollins international business student team has finished in the Top 10 of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Commodities Trading Challenge Competition.  CME team Rollins CollegeThe Rollins undergraduate team comprised of Carly Apap, Felicia Cavuoto, Thomas Harrington and Steve Schwartz (class of 2010);  Michael O’Keeffe (class of 2011), and Jon Greene (class of 2012) placed an impressive ninth out of the 113 teams competing from top college and universities from around the globe. The Rollins team achieved a significant two-week return of 47.5 percent (on their investment) during the first round of the challenge.

 “The competition was fierce with the Rollins undergraduate team beating both graduate and undergraduate teams from institutions like Columbia (21st place), MIT (24th place), the University of Chicago (42nd place) as well as the London School of Economics (61st place),” said Associate Professor of International Business Marc Sardy.

Sardy and Visiting Assistant Professor of International Business Richard Lewin, worked with the three Rollins teams (one graduate and two undergraduate) to successfully compete in this annual competition. “Overall our Rollins teams did extremely well, our graduate team finished in 31st place and the second Rollins undergraduate team finished in 86th,” reported Sardy. “Our graduate students beat out teams from University of Chicago as well as Notre Dame and NYU.”

The Rollins international business teams look forward to building upon their success when they travel to New York in mid-April to vie for yet another top spot in a trading competition that will take place on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).