Fall Interdisciplinary Scholarship Series Concludes

A&S Faculty Foster Interdisciplinary Scholarship

The inaugural Interdisciplinary Scholarship Series (ISS) schedule concluded on Monday, December 1 with Rick Foglesong, George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Professor of Politics, speaking about his forthcoming book, Immigrant Prince: Mel Martinez and the American Dream

Foglesong began his discussion by sharing the three questions he used in framing his biography of former U.S. Senator Mel Martinez: who is he? how did he get to where he is? and what does his story mean in the context of the rise of Hispanic political power in the U.S.?

In his remarks, Foglesong spoke about why he chose to write a biography, why he chose Martinez as his subject, and how he gained access to the former senator.  He read passages from his manuscript and shared illuminating anecdotes about Martinez’s life journey from immigrant, to county mayor, to Cabinet member, to U.S. senator, and back to civilian life.  The highlight of his presentation was his discussion of Martinez’s role in the immigration debate of 2006-07.  As Foglesong stated, “Martinez did not fail the Republican Party on the immigration issue.  Rather, the party failed him.”

His book is expected to be released next year.Drs. Rick Foglesong & Richard Lewin

Over 20 Arts & Sciences faculty members attended this ISS lecture and participated in the interactive question and answer session that followed Foglesong’s comments.

The ISS was developed by Charlie Rock, professor of economics, Don Davison, associate dean of the faculty and professor of political science, and Laurie Joyner, dean of the faculty and professor of sociology. Three ISS events were organized for the fall semester and four additional programs have been scheduled for spring.

“The Interdisciplinary Scholarship Series offers faculty an opportunity to share their intellectual work with colleagues across the campus,” said Associate Dean Don Davison. “My hope is that this program continues to develop and it becomes institutionalized so that every faculty member looks forward to the first Tuesday of every month to participate in this conversation.” 

The spring 2010 schedule includes the following faculty participants.

Tuesday, January 26
Ed Cohen, William R. Kenan Professor of English

Tuesday, February 16
Ilan Alon, George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Professor of International Business

Tuesday, March 16
Marvin Newman, professor of legal studies and communication

Tuesday, April 13
Jonathan Miller, director of libraries

All ISS programs begin at 12:30 p.m. and are held in the International House. More information regarding spring series topics will be announced in early January.