Agricultural History Society 2010 Conference

June 10, 11, 12, 2010


Local Stories, Global Connections: The Context of Agriculture and Rural Life

Agriculture and rural life are tied to specific places, but those places are in turn bound to larger communities, often with global connections. The 2010 Agricultural History Society Conference will address the particular ways in which people and places have shaped agriculture and rural living in their local communities as well as how rural ecosystems, production, processing, and consumption tie farmers and rural people to distant people, places, and institutions.


Rollins College is pleased to host the 2010 Agricultural History Society Conference in sunny Winter Park. Rollins is a lovely liberal arts college, the oldest school in the state, situated on the banks of Lake Virginia.  Conference attendees may enjoy strolling along the lake, swimming in the olympic pool, or playing tennis. 


Winter Park is a small, historic town directly north of Orlando.  Along its tree-lined, bricked streets, conference attendees will find a wide variety of restaurants (see dining guide) and exclusive shops.  The town also has many beautiful homes, a local historical society, an award-winning farmers' market, and the world's largest collection of Tiffany glass at the Morse Museum.  Everything is within easy walking distance of the college.


In June, conference attendees can expect the weather to be warm and sunny.  Day time highs will be in the upper 80s and lows in the 70s.  Most afternoons will see a brief, but possibly intense, rain shower.  The conference venues--session sites, dining areas, dorms, and library--are spread across the campus, so attendees should expect to walk outside periodically.


The local arrangements committee has worked hard to make this conference as local and sustainable as possible.  Most vendors are from Orlando.  The reception and banquet menus will be completely based on local foods.  The program is available online, but only one printed copy will be supplied to each attendee at registration. 









The Agricultural History Society would like to thank the conference sponsors.  From Rollins College: the President, the Provost, the Dean of the Faculty, the Department of History, the African-American Studies Program, the Department of Environmental Studies, the Gordon J. Barnett Memorial Foundation, the China Center, the Olin Library, and the Women’s Studies Program.  From University of Central Florida: the Department of History. Also, Mears Transportation, which helped offset the cost of the tours, the Florida Historical Society, Jim Clark, University of Central Florida, The Keewin Real Property Company, and Allan E. Keen.


Hosted by Rollins College, with assistance from the University of Central Florida