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 Arts at Rollins

We call it creative chemistry. When our award-winning faculty and gifted students unite to create a performance, a painting, or a poem, something special happens — passion.  Audiences feel the spark…and become a part of the magic.  It is this unique chemistry that distinguishes the literary, visual, and performing arts at Rollins. 

Our accomplished faculty are artists themselves, passionate about their craft and their students.  Our students bring fresh talent, energy, and curiosity to their disciplines.  Additionally, each year, renowned artists and writers from around the world share their gifts with the community and with ourstudents. 

In addition to its regular arts season, Rollins welcomes the public to a full slate of stimulating lectures, readings, films , and other cultural programming presented by the Winter Park Institute and the College’s academic programs. For nearly a century, Rollins College has been a cultural leader in Central Florida, offering programs that inspire, entertain, and educate.

Today, that tradition — that passion — lives on.  But the spark is always new.