ART 200F Art and Ethics of Galapagos Ecotourism

Masked Booby

Image courtesy of World Images Kiosk

ART 200F In Darwin's Wake: Art and Ethics in Galapagos Ecotourism.

Explore the ethical dimensions of ecotourism in Ecuador's amazing Galapagos archipelago.  Students will reflect on an intensive service learning experience with the local community through a final paper and a mixed media visual journal.

This 4 credit Maymester course carries the A general education requirement and is suitable for all levels and any major.  Requires basic hiking, swimming and snorkeling skills.

Course dates: May 13 - June 7, 2013 (Maymester).

Tentative Travel Dates: May 24 - June 3, 2013.

Credit: Four (4) semester hours, graded.

Estimated Cost: $3,800.00 plus $1,100.00 for Maymester room and board (if needed). SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID ARE AVAILABLE FROM:

Department of Art and Art History

Scholarship for High-Impact Practices (SHIP)

Office of International Programs

Contact: Prof Rachel Simmons, Department of Art and Art History, at 407.646.2397, Cornell Fine Arts Center (CFAC) 107A.

Registration Deadline: 2/11/13 via RIPA on foxlink.

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