ART 366F Making Art in Scotland

Visual Journals

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Some of the courses offered. You choose 2:

Developing Oil Painting
Portrait Painting
Life Drawing with Anatomy
Paper Constructions
Wearable Felt: felt making
Printed Textile Design
Introduction to Graphic Design
Color Photography
Land and Cityscape
Illustration: book and comics
Introduction to Stained Glass
Edinburgh Castle


This studio art course is a two week study trip to Edinburgh, Scotland coinciding with The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival ( as well as the openings of The Edinburgh Art Festival ( and the world renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival (

During the Edinburgh Summer Festivals, the city's galleries, museums and visual art spaces combine to present the most exciting and intriguing of the modern and contemporary visual arts world.

Students choose two art classes offered by Edinburgh College of Art ( and complete a sketchbook/visual journal composed of written narrative responses and drawings that relate to the cultural events that take place during the course of the field study.

Itinerary Highlights: Excursions to The National Gallery of Scotland and Royal Scottish Academy, The City Art Centre, tours of local castles and historic districts as well as performances scheduled during the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and events taking place during the opening days of the Edinburgh Art Festival.

Travel Dates: July 28 – August 11, 2012

Cost: $3520 excluding flight and additional meals. Partial need based scholarships available from the Department of Art and Art History. Cost includes self-catering flat, Edinburgh College of Art ECA) fees, some cultural events and group meals.

Credit: Four (4) semester hours, can be counted towards major as an upper-level elective.

Contact: Prof Joshua Almond at 407.646.2500, Cornell Fine Arts Center 101.

Registration Deadline: 2/20/12 via RIPA on foxlink, preference to art/art history majors/minors.