ARH 270F Exploring Pompeii: Urbanism and Culture

House of the Faun, Pompeii

Image courtesy of World Images Kiosk

Create the future of the past. Impact how the next generation experiences Pompeii in Italy.

Students will construct a web-based visual database on the site of Pompeii that can be used by future visitors on mobile devices (eg. smart phones and ipads), generating content on the basis of their research projects and organizing relevant images, texts, and podcasts of useful information for someone touring the site.

Travel dates: March 5 - 12, 2011 (during Spring Break)

Credit: Two (2) semester hours.

Cost: $2995.

Contact: Prof Robert Vander Poppen at 407.646.2602, Cornell Fine Arts Center 121D or Prof Jonathan R.Walz at 407.646.1314, Department of Anthropology, Cornell Social Sciences Building.

Registration Deadline: 12/3/10 via RIPA on foxlink.

For more information visit: