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High Hopes at Low Altitudes

Rollins studio art alum Tom Hirschmann sees big business in small remote-controlled aerial cameras.

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What can I do with a major in the arts?

Students who major in the arts develop skills that are highly sought after by employers, including critical and creative thinking; oral, written, and visual communication skills; the ability to interpret different cultures; the ability to take multiple approaches to solving problems, and the ability to work effectively individually and collaboratively.

An Art History degree can lead to a wide variety of careers, many of which require the writing, research, argumentation, and visual literacy skills gained from the major. Museum work can include art conservation, public relations, marketing and development, event planning, and education, in addition to curating exhibitions. Other careers include art appraisal and authentication, gallery​ sales and auctions, publishing, arts administration, corporate curating, film production assistant, visual resources management, and art and cultural property law. Learn More

Explore, at the national level, how Studio Art graduates are pursuing their careers by visiting the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) website. This site provides the first national profile of how artists prepare and develop in the United States, by giving a deeper understanding of what constitutes artistic success and contribution, identifying factors needed to better connect arts training to artistic careers, and by looking at issues that have helped (or hindered) the careers of arts alumni, whether they have chosen to work as artists or pursue other paths.

Visit The Art Career Project for a breakdown of nearly every type of art and career you can imagine, from the normal to the more obscure. Search hundreds of profiles for an overview of each career, what each type of artist does, where they might work, how to get started, and average salary information. Use their experiences as insights into how you should prepare for the road ahead.

Use Handshake, the new Rollins Career portal, to access career related information specific to your interests and skills, schedule career advising appointments, explore full-time and part-time jobs, and internship opportunities, upload and save your resumes, cover letters, and writing samples, access practice interview software, and schedule interviews with employers visiting Rollins. Learn more

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