Daniel Zietlow
Daniel Zietlow

Daniel Zietlow,
Art History

What are you doing now professionally?

After graduation, I moved to Boulder, CO to work on a PhD in geophysics at the University of Colorado.  My project is based in seismology, with specific focus on the South Island of New Zealand.


How did your experiences as an Art History major at Rollins prepare you for your current endeavors?

While some may question how an Art History degree has prepared me for a PhD in geophysics, I feel that my art education allows me to bring a fresh perspective to the field.  The department trained me how to critically analyze the artistic world around me, look for unique connections, and how to effectively communicate those opinions.  At a fundamental level, this is what we do as scientists, just with data instead of Raphael’s School of Athens.  I’ve also become the “art guy” in the group and am asked for help in developing figure, poster, and presentation designs.


What are your goals for the future?

One important lesson I have learned in life is to take opportunities as they appear and to take chances that will enrich both your life and the life’s of those around you (hence, my double major at Rollins).  Thus, my goals for the future remain largely undefined, but revolve around the ideal of advancement.  Whether this is better educating society on earthquake processes and hazards, helping monitor the implementation of the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, or working for a scientific publication, there are numerous opportunities to explore.

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