Angel Reed
Angel Reed

Angel Reed,
Art History

How did your experiences as an Art History major at Rollins prepare you for your current endeavors?

One of the aspects that I value most about my training in Art History from Rollins is that it exposed me to a feminist hermeneutic which has had a tremendous impact on the way I think and move through the world.  Such a framework also prepared me for the particular kinds of scholarship that I would later engage with in my graduate work -- both in my MA in Art History at American University and at Harvard Divinity School, where I am currently in my second year of the Master of Theological Studies program concentrating in Women, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion.


What are your goals for the future?

I have a number of ideas about what I want for my future, but regardless of where I go and what I do, I will continue to be shaped by the ways in which I learned how to ask good questions during my time at Rollins.

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