Alexandra Sol
Alexandra Sol

Alexandra Sol (’12),
Art History and Political Science

What are you doing now professionally?

I am currently working for the Phillips Memorial Collection in Washington DC.  Here, I work as a museum assistant throughout the different gallery halls.  I am learning about the Phillips collection, its history, its "avant- garde" curatorial work focused on “conversations” amongst paintings, and the joy of being able to discuss art on a daily basis.  I believe that studying at Rollins and my experience abroad truly marked my life as an art historian!


How did your experiences as an Art History major at Rollins prepare you for your current endeavors?

As an art history major, studying abroad in Rome was a life changing experience.  The Trinity College campus is located in one of Rome’s seven hills in front of the Circo Massimo and across the quaint area of Trastevere.  While in Rome, I worked at the Capitoline museum. Simply walking to the museum was an experience in itself.  After a pleasant walk, and a delicious cappuccino from the museum’s cafeteria, I translated texts about the history of the Aventine hill from Italian to English.  My co-workers and I were also invited to museum exhibit openings in which we had the opportunity to practice our Italian with the guests.  Traveling to cities like Florence and Assisi, on-site classes in the eternal city, and the people of Rome inspired me to pursuit a career in the arts.


What are your goals for the future?

In the future, after earning a higher degree, I would love to return to El Salvador and help the female minority in this country.  It is my goal to help women that have been victims of battered situations to express themselves through art, through their craft, through their work.  By helping them do so, I will help them gain control of their situations, help them build their own businesses and contribute to the overall development of my home country.

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