Anthropology Faculty

Carol Lauer, Robert Moore, Gay Biery-Hamilton, Rachel Newcomb and Ashley Kistler


Dr. Carol Lauer
Professor of Anthropology
T. 407.646.2248
F. 407.646.2325
Office: CSS 105

B.A., Brandeis University
M.A., Ph.D.; University of Michigan

Specializations: physical anthropology, primate behavior, and aggressive behavior in children


Dr. Robert Moore
Professor of Anthropology and Director of International Affairs, Hamilton Holt School
T. 407.646.2626
F. 407.646.2325
Office: CSS 106

B.A. Tulane University
Ph.D. University of California at Riverside

Specializations: psychological and linguistic anthropology, political anthropology, youth cultures, and the cultures of East Asia


Dr. Gay Biery-Hamilton
Associate Professor of Anthropology
T. 407.646.1529
F. 407.646.2325
Office: CSS 103

B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida

Specializations: brazillian amazon, economic and ecological anthropology, economic development, culture change, food and water resources, women and development, ideology, political ecology, and medical anthropology

 Rachel Newcomb

Dr. Rachel Newcomb
Associate Professor of Anthropology
T. 407.691.1703
F. 407.646.2325
Office: CSS 102

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B.A., Davidson College
M.A., Johns Hopkins University
M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University

Specializations: cultural and applied/public anthropology, Middle East and North Africa, gender, Islam, modernity, globalization, and identity


Dr. Ashley Kistler
T. 407.691.1707
F. 407.646.2325
Office: CSS 101

B.A., Muhlenberg College
M.A., Ph.D.; Florida State University

Specializations: cultural and linguistic anthropology, Mesoamerica, the Maya, economic anthropology, kinship, gender, collaborative ethnography, Latin American and Caribbean courses

Jonathan Walz

 Dr. Jonathan R. Walz
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology Program
T. 407.691.1314
F. 407 646.2325
Office: CSS 117

B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.A., Ph.D. University of Florida
Specializations: anthropological & historical archaeology; archaeology of Holocene Sub-Saharan Africa; social history of East Africa & the Indian Ocean (post-500 C.E.); political economy of regions in antiquity; cultural heritage, archaeopolitics, & historical representations; myths, memory & time; archaeological survey; ceramics & beads