Rollins Improv Players

R.I.P. Mission Statement

To create improvisational theatre that expresses challenging and provocative subject matter; to represent the dramatic and comedic aspects of student life and beyond; to dare ourselves and our audiences to grow, think and act; to serve Rollins College as a conduit for discussion and discovery, experimentation, play, laughter and community.
RIP stands for Rollins Improv Players, the theatrical improv troupe of Rollins. RIP performs a variety of shows, both long and short form, that can be enjoyed by audiences at a variety of times throughout the semester. Their three signature forms are as follows:

RIP Troupe

Variations on a Theme:

A central theme word is presented at the top of the show as a means of inspiring audience suggestions . After collecting the suggestions, a team of improvisers begins a cascade of personal monologues, all inspired by the audience suggestions and the theme word. The cascade builds in intensity before one improviser steps forward and, with the signature phrase, “that reminds me of the time” introduces the first scene of the show. As different scenes are introduced the improvisers weave the audience suggestions and the theme word into the show, while also maintaining a unity of character to provide a unique emotional journey.


From a team of eight improvisers a “star” and “co-star” are randomly selected for this long-form improvised show. Six additional suggestions from the audience inform the identities of the supporting cast as the improvisers craft the story with jumps forwards and backwards in time, as signaled by a “director” using the language of film in the show’s signature phrase “cut-to”. The improvisers maintain the same character throughout the show, which, combined with the scenic elements provided by the director, serve to create a show that is both outrageously funny and strikingly tender.

RIP Tag:

In this short-form improv show, teams of improvisers compete for points from randomly assigned audience judges. Teams act in a series of scenes, each of which is framed as a game with its own set of rules and patterns, after which the audience judges score the scene on a scale of one to five. This format is very similar to the show, Whose Line is it Anyway? and always provides for a side-splitting laugh.

RIP performs throughout the semester in the Fred Stone Theater, located by the Alfond Spots center. If you are interested in learning more and receiving updates about upcoming shows, you can find RIP on facebook on the group Rollins Improv Players…the everyone version.

RIP Troupe Schedule 2013

Rollins Improv Players... The Everyone Version 

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