Alumni Career Network

Created in partnership with the Center for Career & Life Planning, Alumni Career Network programs and services exist to help you gain greater access to alumni professionals, career advice, and career counseling volunteer opportunities.

Share Your Knowledge

Equip students with the know-how they need to make their debut as a budding professional. Student-alumni networking opportunities are available at on-campus events such as Backpacks to Briefcases (pictured) and online via LinkedIn.

We've Got You Covered

From new graduate to seasoned professional, we've pooled the right resources to help you get a leg up in the working world.

What can the Alumni Career Network do for you?

Your alumni network is 32,000+ strong. And if you make the most of it, you’ll find there’s a wealth of contacts and information at your fingertips.

Build Your Network

Use the LinkedIn Alumni Tool to search fellow alumni by industry, role, location, and skills. And join the Rollins College Alumni group on LinkedIn to maximize your alumni connections. The group also offers subgroups based on professional interest, geographic location and affinity to further customize your networking experience.

Learn how to use the LinkedIn Alumni Tool

Professional Industry Groups
Financial Services
Legal Services

Alumni Club Groups
Rollins Club of Los Angeles
Rollins Club of Washington, D.C.
Rollins Club of Chicago
Rollins Club of Tampa Bay

Affinity Groups
International Students & Alumni
International Business Alumni

Learn from Your Peers

Explore the Candid Career video library for informational video interviews with alumni professionals. The Career Coach designation on a video indicates that alum has volunteered to be contacted with follow-up questions. Learn More

Gain Career Planning Knowledge

From career development programs to resume and cover letter review, the Center for Career & Life Planning provides free services to alumni to assist with career exploration, job search, and interviewing skills. Learn More

What can you do for the Alumni Career Network?

Sharing your expertise and resources expands network opportunities and shows current students and recent graduates the potential of a Rollins degree.

Give Back

Alumni Career Network volunteers serve as resources to Rollins students and alumni who have career questions. It’s easy to add the volunteer designation to your LinkedIn profile.
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Tap into Rollins Talent

Recruit alumni and student talent through Handshake, Rollins' new online career portal, or the annual Career & Internship Expo on campus each spring. Learn More

Get A Professional Makeover

The Career & Life Planning staff want to help you put your best foot forward. Email your resume, cover letter or personal statement with the corresponding job or graduate school description to