Multiculturalism FAQ
Mahjabeen Rafiuddin

Answers by Mahjabeen Rafiuddin, Director of Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Mahjabeen earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Berea College and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Kentucky. Prior to Rollins, she served as the Director for Student Diversity Engagement at the University of Kentucky.

Q.  How diverse is the Rollins community.

Rollins’ 1,800 students and 180 faculty members represent the world in which we live. You will find students and staff from more than 45 states and more than 45 countries. Students of color represent approximately 18 percent of the enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Q.  Can a student “major” in multiculturalism at Rollins?

In addition to choosing majors or minors such as Asian Studies, African and African American Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and Women Studies
students can also create their own major, combining course work from at least three departments.

Q.  Are there multicultural student groups available on campus?

Over a dozen of our student organizations focus on multiculturalism, including the Asian American Student Association, the Black Student Union, the Latin American Student Association, and Students of Mixed Heritage.  Membership in each of these organization is typically very multicultural.