Scholarships and Cost

International students are eligible for academic scholarships based on their SAT/ACT scores and their high school performance. For international students these range from $5,000 per year all the way up to full tuition. For more information, click here to explore all scholarship opportunities. Each application is reviewed to determine if they are eligible for scholarship and there is no need to fill out any type of scholarship application. If you want to be considered for scholarships, please submit your application by January 5. Rollins does not offer need based financial aid to international students.


International student  must be able to finance all educational expenses, and proof of this ability to pay is required before the Certification of Eligibility for a student visa (the I-20 form) is issued. A completed Certificate of Financial Resources signed by a bank official and with parent or sponsor signature must indicate resources to adequately finance tuition, fees, room and board, books, personal living expenses, and travel to and from the home country. This certificate should be no more than six months old. Students receiving financial assistance from a government or agency need to submit an official letter listing the amount of the award and any special billing instructions.