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International Learning, Rollins College

Our dedication to providing you with a global education is a distinction that is personified by our students and faculty every day. Our focus on the importance of an international perspective began in the 1930s, and has only gotten stronger. Today, Rollins ranks among the top 10 master’s-granting institutions in the country for the number of students who study abroad. And two-thirds of our faculty are (or have been actively) engaged in international pursuits—taking students abroad, conducting overseas research, and teaching international courses.

What you will gain from Rollins’ emphasis on international learning, which is coordinated by the Office of International Programs, are life-changing experiences.

Rollins’ London Internship Program will give you the opportunity to live,work, and study for a full semester in one of the most historically significant cities in the world.

Rollins’ semester abroad programs in Spain, Japan, and Germany will immerse you in a completely foreign culture, language, and lifestyle in ways that are hard to imagine.

Rollins’ Australian Studies Program was the first of its kind “down under,” and will provide you with a solid foundation in Australian studies and an exciting, well-rounded experience of Australia and its people.

Rollins’ off-campus field studies will give you the opportunity to travel across the globe taking some of the most innovative courses you will encounter.

Rollins’ affiliate programs will expand your international study options even further by presenting international learning opportunities offered in conjunction with other schools.

Rollins’ program in international business is among the first of its kind and is now a model for other schools across the country.

Rollins’ programs in international relations, African studies, Asian studies, Latin American & Caribbean studies, French, German, Russian, and Spanish further demonstrate our long-standing commitment to providing students with a broad and deep international perspective.

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International Pride

Rollins’ faculty and students represent more than 50 foreign countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Latin America. We're so proud of our international diversity that we have a flag for every country that our community represents hanging from the ceiling in the Cornell Campus Center.

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