Q&A with Rollins Intern

Interview with: Meghan Thomas (class of 2011)Meghan Thomas
Major: English/Education
Internship:  Southern Education Leadership Initiative

Q.    What was the name and location of your internship?
A.    Southern Education Leadership Initiative, based out of Atlanta. But then the interns are placed with non-profits and foundations all through the South. I was placed with the Public Education Foundation in Chattanooga, TN.

Q.    What did the application process entail?
A.    An application, a resume, cover letter, two essays, and a phone interview.

Q.    Describe the internship site, including the mission and vision of the organization?
A.    Atlanta was great. The mission of the Southern Education Foundation is to promote knowledge around educational issues in the South and to reform education so that there is equity for all students, especially minority students. We had an opening conference in which we met some of the attorneys who litigated the Civil Rights cases, and we met some of the Presidents of the HBCUs. There was also a closing conference, at which we gave presentations and wrote a paper.

Q.   What was your specific role at your internship site?
A.    I was program assistant, I helped organize three conferences and put together program materials.

Q.   What hours/days did you work and what specific tasks were you expected to accomplish?
A.    I worked Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. I was expected to carry out day-to-day tasks as well as review and put together program materials, settle logistical work for the program, and create databases and filing for the department.

Q.   What were the strengths of this site as an internship?

A.    In Chattanooga, it was a welcoming, open environment with plenty to do. Atlanta was definitely the high point, the opening and closing conferences were amazing.

Q.   What were the limitations, if any, of this internship?

A.    In Chattanooga, my skills could have been utilized more, it was not very high-level work.

Q.   What did you particularly like or dislike about this internship opportunity?
A.    I really liked when we were all together with the Southern Education Foundation, but I wasn’t too fond of the Public Education Foundation.

Q.   How has this internship shaped your academic and career goals?
A.   It has helped me realize that I might want to work in the non-profit sector in education.

Q.   Would you recommend this internship to other students? Why?
A.   Yes, I definitely would. The Southern Education Foundation is extremely prestigious, and all the other interns were equally impressive. I was gratified to be among such high company.

Interview conducted by AIP student assistant, Chas Frontz (class of 2011).

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