Q&A with Rollins London Intern

Interview with: Felicia Erlich (class of 2011)
Internship Site: More 2 Screen
Location: London, England (Fall 2009)


Q:  What is your major and how did this internship relate to it?London Intern
A:  I am a Critical Media & Cultural Studies major so this internship was perfect for my studies. I enjoy analyzing how the media affects society so being involved with a company that distributes alternative content film directly related to my major and interests. This internship gave me the opportunity to be directly involved in a company that must interpret how their media product will affect their customers.

Q:  What company did you intern for while in London?
A:  I interned for an alternative content film company, More 2 Screen.

Q:  What exactly does More 2 Screen do?
A:  It is a film distribution company of alternative content. Basically, the company buys the rights to alternative content films and sells them to movie theaters for showings.

Q:  What were your personal responsibilities as an intern?
A: My personal experience consisted of running and designing their twitter site, creating press releases, and forming product schedules and program notes.

Q:  What did you particularly enjoy about this internship?
A:  I consider this internship different than other internships I have had in the past because I was actually involved in the company's day-to-day activities instead of simply running errands.

Q:  What did you gain from this internship?
A:  This internship helped me gain valuable work experience, and opened up new career paths.

Q:  How did this impact your personal career path?
A:  I now work for a marketing company that produces commercials for an assortment of different businesses. The experience and knowledge I gained from my London internship was one of the key reasons my boss hired me.

Q:  What about the cultural aspect? Was it difficult assimilating into a new culture?
A:  To be completely honest, it was not difficult to adapt to culture in London. I found the culture to be very similar to America's culture in many ways. Also, the faculty provided great assistance so I was able to become comfortable with my new surroundings fairly quickly.

Q:  Do you have any additional information or advice you would like to say to future London interns?

A:  Yes, this internship is not for students who want to take their work lightly or who are looking for a free ride. Employers will expect you to treat the position seriously and to behave in a professional manner. This makes the internship a more rewarding experience.

To learn more about the Rollins' Internship Program in London visit the Office of International Programs.

Interview conducted by AIP student assistant, Chas Frontz (class of 2011).

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