Rollins' Florida Hospital Observership

Florida Hospital Observership

by Lambrini Kolios (Class of 2013)Florida Hospital Oberservership

During the first week of the New Year, most Rollins students were enjoying their final days of winter break while five devoted Pre-Med students spent the week at Florida Hospital. Through the Graduate Medical Education Department, the students participated in an observership program where they were given the opportunity to shadow physicians and residents as well as participate in grand rounds, conferences, and discussions of patient interactions.

In February, 2011 the students Shalini Allam, Jacob Barish, Hannah Lewis, Kara Trapp, and Tina Udhwani attended a debriefing session with the Director of Academic Internships, Allisa Johnson. The students reflected on their observership experience and shared how the experience affected their future career goals. Hannah Lewis (Class of 2013) shadowed Allopathic Family Medicine where she witnessed many infant and OBGYN cases that inspired her. Lewis stated, " I saw a lot of different things in many different fields.... it turned me off from family medicine but the experience turned me on to something new."

Kara Trapp (Class of 2011) shadowed a specialist for General Surgery. This was Trapp's second time participating in the Florida Hospital Observership program (last year she did Allopathic Family Medicine) and she got two very different medical perspectives. She stated, "It was the first time I had ever seen an open and invasive surgery and I really enjoyed it."

The MD's often quizzed the students and Tina Udhwani (Class of 2011) was able to answer many of the questions because of her Rollins Biochemistry background. Jacob Barish (Class of 2012) commented on the friendly and approachable staff, "Everyone was open to questions and they would explain everything to me." Shalini Allam (Class of 2013) added, "It was useful in the clinic to ask questions and most of the doctors were really helpful."

Due to the positive feedback from the students, Rollins will again partner with Florida Hospital to offer an observership experience in the future. For more information please contact Health Sciences' Advising Faculty, Professor of Biology Judy Schmalstig or Director of Academic Internships, Allisa Johnson.

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