Taylor Wejkszner

Interview with Taylor Wejkszner (class of 2015)

Internship Site: Lehigh Valley Health Network

Location: Allentown, PA


Q: What is the name and location of your internship site?

A: I was chosen as a Research Scholar in the Department of Gynecology at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Q: What is your major and how did this internship relate to it?

A: I am a biochemistry major with a minor in Spanish. During my internship, I was exposed to every aspect of the healthcare field. I assisted with surgeries, completed rounds on the hospital floor, and also was involved with completing research project that is in the process of being published in The Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery.


Q: What exactly does this company/place do?

A: Lehigh Valley Health Network includes 3 hospitals in Allentown and Bethlehem PA. The mission of the hospital is to heal, comfort, and care for the people of the community. Today, the hospital offers 95 clinical specialties as well as opportunities for clinical research and education, including a medical school partnership with the University of South Florida.


Q: What were your personal responsibilities as an intern?

A: As an intern, I was expected to take on the role as a medical student completing their residency in the Department of Gynecology. My mentor, Dr. Martino specialized in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. In simpler turns, he used a DaVinci robot to perform procedures, instead of the traditional surgical procedures. I was also responsible for compiling data, running data analysis and meeting with different departments to see how we can "better" the hospital.


Q: What did you learn and/or find enjoyable?

A: I am truly blessed to have had such an eye-opening experience that exposed me directly to the medical field. One of the biggest aspects I learned about myself is how much I enjoy research. Though it can be tedious, the end project is worthwhile and is helpful to other professionals in the medical field. Also, being exposed to the new technology such as the DaVinci Robot was definitely a huge advantage of interning in the Gynecology Department. I have no doubt that this new technology is going to revolutionize the way in which procedures are performed in the medical industry.


Q:  Did this internship experience help solidify what you want to do in the future? Why or why not? How?

A: Yes, this internship solidified my future plans. Though I am uncertain if I will specialize in Gynecology, I am focused on attending medical school and working along highly respected doctors in the future.