Internship Benefits

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  • Boost your maturity and self-confidence
  • Enjoy a greater clarity about career decisions
  • Improve your human relations skills
  • Prepare for life after graduation
  • Integrate your faith and values with work
  • Integrate classroom theory with real-life experiences
  • Understand the relevance of your course work
  • Increase your motivation to learn
  • Use resources that are not available on campus
  • Explore a potential career field
  • Develop career-related skills and abilities
  • Observe professional people and behavior
  • Build a network of professional contacts, potentially developing mentoring relationships
  • Gain a competitive edge for employment or graduate school admission


  • Approximately 50% of all interns receive some form of compensation
  • Subsidize tuition costs or use for transportation expenses

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Worth Noting: According to the 2010 Student Survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, students who have internship experience are offered a starting salary that is, on average, 17% higher than students without experience.   Internships are a smart strategy!

Why Experience An Internship For Academic Credit?
  • Gain access to selective internship sites
  • Many sites require academic accountability
  • Think about, and develop, personal and professional skills which will help you succeed in your career and lifelong learning
  • Open doors to graduate school by having an internship recorded on your transcript
  • Protect yourself legally under the college's liability policy
  • Process opportunities and challenges through personal interaction with peers and faculty
  • Develop a Masterwork Portfolio, which highlights your self-directed learning ability - great for job and graduate school interviews!